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Bringing up Builders (BUBs) is on a mission to turn great ideas into megahit products on Amazon.

Jerry and Josh Battis are featured builders on HGTV and one of the potential hosts that will help turn ideas into hit products with the Bringing up Builders team. They are known for their innovative woodworking solutions, product patenting experience, and an infectious sense of humor. The quirky chemistry between them is bound to spill over over into the episodes they participate in.

A little drama on the side…

Josh just had his first child and Jerry is doing everything he can to ensure Josh is armed with all the good advice he can deliver.  Plus, Josh needs to prepare to take over the business.  No problem. Right, Dads?

Their shop is based in Monticello, MN. Too far for most to drive, but you can visit their website to see much of their work here.


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